Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 3/30/21

FINALS UPDATE: Black-ish (0.5), FBI (R) (0.5), FBI: Most Wanted (R) (0.4) and The Masked Singer (R) (0.4) adjusted up.

  • ABC opened new reality series Pooch Perfect with a 0.6 in the 8/7c hour, toward the high end of what To Tell the Truth did in the hour in the winter. Black-ish (0.4), Mixed-ish (0.4) and Soul of a Nation (0.3) stayed low.
  • The CW's Supergirl returned with its first original episode in ten months, hitting a 0.1 on premiere night after The Flash (0.2). That's an enormous drop from its 0.37 season premiere in fall 2019, but the show was mostly getting borderline 0.1-0.2's at the end of last season.
  • NBC comedies Young Rock (0.5) and Kenan (0.4) will both need finals help to avoid new lows, while New Amsterdam dropped to 0.4 after a This Is Us repeat (0.2). CBS and Fox were also in repeats.

SpotVault - Supergirl (CW) - 2021 Ratings

Tuesdays, 9/8c, CW

Status: ENDING after this season (confirmed on 9/22/2020)

SpotVault - Pooch Perfect (ABC) - Spring 2021 Ratings

Pooch Perfect
Tuesdays, 8/7c, ABC

SpotVault - Mayans M.C. (FX) - Spring 2021 Ratings

Mayans M.C.
Tuesdays, 10/9c, FX

SpotVault - Bulletproof (CW) - Spring 2021 Ratings

Mondays, 8/7c, CW

SpotVault - The Masked Singer (Fox) - Spring 2021 Ratings

The Masked Singer
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SpotVault - Game of Talents (Fox) - Spring 2021 Ratings

Game of Talents
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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/29/21

FINALS UPDATE: The Good Doctor (0.6), NCAA Basketball (1.7, +0.2), The Voice (0.8) and America's Most Wanted (0.4) adjusted up while NCAA Basketball (1.4) adjusted down.

  • In their second head-to-head duel, ABC's American Idol (0.7) managed a rounded tie against a sinking The Voice (0.7) (though The Voice won most of the half-hours and should be closer to adjusting up). A steady The Good Doctor (0.5) widened its lead over Debris (0.3) at 10/9c.
  • CBS averaged a preliminary 1.5 for more basketball, while the CW found a 0.0 with the second edition of All American Stories, well over two months after the first half aired.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/28/21

FINALS UPDATE: America's Funniest Home Videos (0.7), NCAA Overrun (2.3, +0.9), 60 Minutes (1.1, +0.2), The Equalizer (0.8) and NCIS: New Orleans (0.6) adjusted up.

  • With another round of NCAA basketball overrun (1.4), CBS was roughly even in the prelims with 60 Minutes (0.9), The Equalizer (0.7), NCIS: Los Angeles (0.6) and NCIS: New Orleans (0.5).
  • NBC moved Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (0.2) back to its season one timeslot, where it lost half the demo rating it was pulling on Tuesday. Ellen's Game of Games (0.3) was unchanged in a move to 8/7c and Good Girls had to beat its lead-in just to get back to a 0.3 at 10/9c.
  • ABC's The Rookie (0.4) returned from a month off leading out of a steady American Idol (0.8). Fox's Cherries Wild dropped to 0.1 with less afternoon lead-in help, while the animation (0.2/0.4/0.3/0.4/0.4) including a The Great North repeat looked pretty even.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 3/25/21

FINALS UPDATE: Station 19 (0.8) and Superstore (0.6) adjusted up while Mom (R) (0.3) adjusted down.

  • NBC's Superstore ended its six-season run with a pair of 0.5's in the 8:00 hour, matching last week's finals (but up from last week's prelims).
  • The ABC dramas (0.7/0.9/0.5) all matched last week's prelims (Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy later adjusted up). Fox's Hell's Kitchen (0.8) stayed strong but Call Me Kat (0.5) and Last Man Standing (0.4) were both down a notch.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/22/21

FINALS UPDATE: NCAA Basketball (1.1) and The Voice (R) (0.8) adjusted up while NCAA Basketball (1.4) adjusted down.

  • The Voice (0.8) narrowly outdueled American Idol (0.7) in their first head-to-head this season, while The Good Doctor (0.5) held off Debris (0.4) in the 10/9c hour. 
  • CBS' basketball coverage made a rare Monday appearance (1.5/1.2/1.0) to take the night. Fox's America's Most Wanted was up to a 0.4 prelim in week two, after adjusting up from a 0.3 prelim last week.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/21/21

FINALS UPDATE: 60 Minutes (0.9), Cherries Wild (0.3) and Bless the Harts (0.3) adjusted up.

  • Despite a strong 7:00 half-hour of NCAA basketball overrun (2.0), CBS aired 60 Minutes (0.8) and drama repeats (0.5/0.4/0.4/0.4/0.3) to round out the night.
  • There was no post-Grammy rebound as ABC's American Idol (0.8) and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (0.4) along with NBC's Ellen's Game of Games (0.3) and Good Girls (0.3) all matched last week.
  • Fox's numbers could shift due to a minor overrun of its own, but its usual lineup (0.2/0.2/0.4/0.3/0.4/0.4) (with a Family Guy repeat at 9:30) mostly slid down from last week.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Friday 3/19/21

FINALS UPDATE: 20/20 (R) (0.4), NCAA Basketball (1.0, +0.2), NCAA Basketball (1.0, +0.2) and WWE SmackDown! (0.6) adjusted up.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 3/17/21

FINALS UPDATE: Call Your Mother (R) (0.3), The Con (0.3), Tough As Nails (0.5), Chicago Med (0.8), Chicago Fire (0.9), Chicago PD (0.9) and The Masked Singer (1.2) adjusted up.

  • Week two of The Masked Singer (1.1) was down two tenths (maybe one after finals) from last week, while lead-out Game of Talents managed to hold onto a 0.7 again.
  • Fox may have actually widened its nightly lead as NBC saw a significant drop at 8/7c from Chicago Med (0.7), a drop of at least a tenth from Chicago Fire (0.8), and an impressive hold at 10/9c for Chicago PD (0.8). ABC's comedies were in repeats and CBS got no interest in a Grammy salute special (0.2).

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 3/16/21

FINALS UPDATE: Black-ish (R) (0.4), NCIS (0.9), FBI (0.8) and Kenan (0.5) adjusted up.

  • New lows abounded on NBC with Young Rock (0.6), Kenan (0.4), This Is Us (0.8) and New Amsterdam (0.4), and the dramas would still be at new lows even with an upward adjustment. The CW's The Flash and Superman and Lois are also eyeing their first ever 0.2's.
  • Fox had another low-rated reality debut with two episodes of Holmes Family Effect (0.3/0.2), a short order fill-in for this Tuesday and next.
  • Compared with that ugliness, a relatively steady night on CBS with NCIS (0.8), FBI (0.7) and FBI: Most Wanted (0.6) looked strong by comparison.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/15/21

FINALS UPDATE: The Bachelor (1.5), The Bachelor (1.4) and America's Most Wanted (0.4) adjusted up.

  • After ending the season on two-night events for the last three years, The Bachelor (1.4/1.4/1.3) went back to a one-night finale in 2021, and the rough year-to-year trends continued or even worsened (vs. a 2.17/2.47 for the two nights last year).
  • Against that finale, NBC held up with The Voice (1.0/1.1) and week three of Debris (0.4), while the CBS comedies (0.7/0.6) were down a little as the dramas (0.4/0.4) returned in the last two hours.
  • Fox was off the radar with a quiet return for longtime staple America's Most Wanted (0.3) in the 9/8c hour after a 9-1-1 repeat (0.4). The CW brought back usual summer import Bulletproof (0.1) to lead into Black Lightning (0.1).

Monday, March 15, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/14/21

FINALS UPDATE: America's Funniest Home Videos (R) (0.7), Grammy Awards (2.3, +0.4) and The Simpsons (0.5) adjusted up while 60 Minutes (0.9, -0.2) adjusted down.

  • The Grammy Awards (1.9/2.1/1.8) became just the latest of the big award shows to take a massive year-to-year drop, down by more than 50% from last year's 4.7 prelim (which adjusted up to a 5.4 final). The show should end up with a lower 18-49 rating than last Sunday's Harry/Meghan interview.
  • NBC's Good Girls dropped to 0.3 in week two, matching its lead-in from Ellen's Game of Games (0.3). ABC's American Idol (0.8) and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (0.4) along with the Fox originals (0.4/0.3/0.4/0.4/0.5/0.4) looked a lot like last week.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 3/11/21

FINALS UPDATE: Grey's Anatomy (0.9) and Clarice (0.4) adjusted up while Last Man Standing (0.4) adjusted down.

  • A presidential address in the 8:00 half-hour bumped the start of primetime on the East Coast and could cause larger adjustments in the finals. ABC had the return of Station 19 (0.8/0.9), Grey's Anatomy (0.9/0.7) and A Million Little Things (0.4), the latter two of which would be at new lows if current results hold.
  • CBS aired Young Sheldon (0.7), B Positive (0.6) and Mom (0.5) into a potential new low for week five of Clarice (0.3). NBC started Superstore (0.3) at 8:30, and Fox timeshifted its lineup of Hell's Kitchen (0.6/0.5), Call Me Kat (0.4) and Last Man Standing (0.5).
  • As the only entertainment option at the start of the night, the CW's Walker was preliminarily back up to 0.3 for the first time in three episodes.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 3/10/21

FINALS UPDATE: S.W.A.T. (0.4), Chicago Fire (1.0) and The Masked Singer (1.3) adjusted up.

  • Fox's The Masked Singer (1.2) returned in the 8/7c hour, topping the night but diminished considerably from the winter premiere a year ago (2.0) and even from the last fall premiere (1.6). Its new reality lead-out Game of Talents (0.7) did not look as strong as previous TMS lead-outs like LEGO Masters (premiered to a 1.6 out of a 2.0 in Feburary 2020) and I Can See Your Voice (1.2 out of a 1.6 in September 2020).
  • It was a tight race for the nightly lead against the return of NBC's One Chicago, with Chicago Med (1.0) beating its last episode three weeks ago and Chicago Fire (0.9) and Chicago PD (0.8) even to very narrowly down.
  • As usual against the NBC drama competition, it got ugly for CBS with SEAL Team (0.4) and S.W.A.T. (0.3), while the CW's Riverdale (0.1) and Nancy Drew (0.1) returned from a week off.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 3/9/21

FINALS UPDATE: To Tell the Truth (0.6), Black-ish (R) (0.4) and The Voice (1.0) adjusted up.

  • The CW's Superman and Lois held onto 0.3 in week three, once again matching its The Flash lead-in (0.3) in the demo and building significantly in total viewers. Both shows were just barely down from last week's preliminary viewership.
  • Steadiness was also the trend elsewhere, including with NBC's The Voice (0.9) and New Amsterdam (0.6) which aired after a The Voice repeat (0.6) rather than comedies. The CBS dramas (0.8/0.7/0.5), Fox's The Resident (0.6) and ABC's To Tell the Truth (0.5) also looked about even.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/8/21

FINALS UPDATE: Bob Hearts Abishola (0.7) and 9-1-1 (1.1) adjusted up.

  • It was a tough second week for NBC's Debris (0.4), dropping by two tenths and retaining less than half of its The Voice (1.0) lead-in.
  • After a virtual tie with The Voice last week, The Bachelor (1.2) pulled well ahead this time, and The Good Doctor (0.6) returned even in the 10/9c hour. The CBS comedies (0.8/0.6) and Fox dramas (1.0/0.9) were roughly even with their last episodes, while the CW's All American (0.3) and Black Lightning (0.2) were on the high end preliminarily.

SpotVault - Good Girls (NBC) - Spring 2021 Ratings

Good Girls
Sundays, 10/9c, NBC

Monday, March 8, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/7/21

FINALS UPDATE: America's Funniest Home Videos (0.7) and Oprah With Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special (2.7) adjusted up.

  • The night belonged to CBS thanks to a massive-two hour Oprah Winfrey interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (2.6), nearly doubling the 18-49 average for last week's Golden Globes and more than doubling it in total viewers.
  • The competition had a tough time, including NBC which had no interest in the timeslot premiere of Ellen's Game of Games (0.3). But the season premiere of Good Girls managed to inch up to 0.4 at 10/9c, its most frequent raw number last season.
  • American Idol (0.8) dropped at least a tenth and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (0.4) aired a special episode in the 10/9c hour. Fox probably held up the best (0.3/0.3/0.4/0.4/0.5/0.4), with a couple of its programs up from last week and the rest even.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 3/2/21

FINALS UPDATE: Mixed-ish (0.4), Young Rock (0.7) and Prodigal Son (0.4) adjusted up.

  • Numbers posted. Following The Voice's Tuesday premiere, New Amsterdam returned with its first original episode in almost 11 months. On the CW, The Flash returned to lead into week two of Superman and Lois.

SpotVault - The Voice (NBC) - Spring 2021 Ratings

The Voice
Mondays, 8/7c, NBC

SpotVault - The Flash (CW) - 2021 Ratings

The Flash
Tuesdays, 8/7c, CW

Status: RENEWED for next season (confirmed on 2/3/2021)

SpotVault - Snowfall (FX) - Spring 2021 Ratings

Wednesdays, 10/9c, FX

SpotVault - New Amsterdam (NBC) - 2021 Ratings

New Amsterdam
Tuesdays, 10/9c, NBC

Status: RENEWED for next season (confirmed on 1/11/2020)

SpotVault - Debris (NBC) - Spring 2021 Ratings

Mondays, 10/9c, NBC

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/1/21

FINALS UPDATE: All Rise (R) (0.3) and 9-1-1: Lone Star (0.9) adjusted up.

  • NBC launched its spring cycle of The Voice (1.1), just a bit below the fall premiere and down 25%ish from the year-ago 1.54 premiere. New drama Debris (0.6) followed in the 10/9c hour, which took a similar y2y decline vs. the year-ago Little Big Shots preview.
  • The dramas on Fox (1.0/0.8) and the CW (0.2/0.1) matched last Monday's prelims, and it was another down night for The Bachelor (1.1/1.0) against bigger NBC competition.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 2/28/21

FINALS UPDATE: NCIS: New Orleans (0.6), Golden Globe Awards (1.5, +0.3) and Bob's Burgers (0.4) adjusted up while Golden Globes Arrivals (0.6) and Cherries Wild (0.3, -0.2) adjusted down.

  • Preliminary ratings for the Golden Globe Awards (1.4/1.3/1.0) were down a staggering two-thirds or so from the year-ago event, which aired in early January 2020 to a 3.8 prelim (and adjusted up to a 4.7 final).
  • The Globes had little effect on competing America's Funniest Home Videos (0.8) and American Idol (1.0), though The Rookie (0.4) fell back to its usual fall level at 10/9c. CBS was also even to narrowly down with The Equalizer (0.7) and the NCIS spin-offs (0.5/0.5).
  • NASCAR overrun could cause changes but it was preliminarily a rotten night for the Fox animation, with The Simpsons (0.4), The Great North (0.3), Bob's Burgers (0.3) and Family Guy (0.4) all eyeing new lows.

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