Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Monday 11/30/15

  • FINALS UPDATE: Finals adjustments took The Voice down to a 2.8, still up two tenths from last week (and tied with the year-ago evening), while Superstore had a passable 2.0 at 10:00 and 1.6 at 10:30. The 1.8 average is below any Blindspot result in this slot, but it is very comparable to NBC's last post-Voice sitcom block launch (a 1.9/1.6 for Undateable and One Big Happy in March). Elsewhere,
  • NBC used The Voice (2.8/3.1) to lead into two preview episodes of upcoming winter sitcom Superstore (2.2/1.9). These are going to adjust down in finals due to NBC Monday Night Football pre-emptions, and obviously the final verdict will hinge on how much. Looks OK from the prelims, but probably the most meaningful takeaway is that it didn't seem to have a particularly bad drop in the second half.
  • ABC began its Monday stretch between Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor by getting fairly DWTS-esque demo numbers out of two hours of Peanuts programming: a 50th anniversary special at 8/7c (1.8) and the holiday classic A Charlie Brown Christmas (2.0). That led into a modest start for holiday filler The Great Holiday Baking Show (1.2), which will be joined by returning The Great Christmas Light Fight starting next week.
  • The scripted offerings were all on the rebound from soft pre-Thanksgiving numbers, as Supergirl (1.6) got back a tenth (but stayed behind every result other than last week). Its CBS companions Scorpion (1.1) and NCIS: Los Angeles (1.1) were in repeats.
  • Fox surged a bit more as Gotham (1.6) was all the way back to its high end, allowing it to tie Supergirl in the demo for the first time. The last episode of Minority Report (0.7) was also up two tenths.
  • At least preliminarily, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is eyeing a rise to her first 0.4 for the CW, even as usual companion Jane the Virgin sat out for a repeat of last week's holiday commercials special (0.2). It will be interesting to see if these Monday shows can overachieve during the DWTS/Voice hiatuses as Jane did last year.


A18-49 Skew Last% Last# LeLa Rank y2yTLa Ty2y
It's Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown 1.8 32%
A Charlie Brown Christmas 2.0 35%
The Great Holiday Baking Show 1.2 35%
n/a 1/1
Supergirl 1.6 25%
n/a 5/6
Scorpion (R) 1.1 21%

NCIS: Los Angeles (R) 1.1 19%

The Voice 2.8 28%
n/a 10/11
Superstore 2.0 35%
n/a 1/1
Superstore 1.6 38%
n/a 1/1
Gotham 1.6 45%
n/a 1/11
Minority Report 0.7 40%
+0.2 3/10
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 0.3 38%
n/a 1/8
Greatest Holiday Commercials Countdown (R) 0.2 33%

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