Friday, January 28, 2011

First Two Weeks, Perfect Couples


Even if you don't count the anemic 1.3 sneak preview in December (which for purposes of this exercise, I don't), the premiere of Perfect Couples was pretty ho-hum at best, pulling a 2.1 demo. Yes, it had to go up against American Idol, but this is still one of the season's lowest premiere numbers. It declined from the 2.2 demo of 8pm lead-in Community, but not catastrophically so.

Then came the even worse news, as it dropped 19% to a mere 1.7 in week two despite its Community lead-in (which admittedly didn't face an original Big Bang Theory this time) holding steady at a 2.2. That's a 23% drop from the lead-in, a far cry from the performances of previous occupants Parks & Recreation, which usually held nearly all of the Community demo at 8:30, and 30 Rock, which typically built against the weaker comedy competition on CBS this fall.

Airing against Idol is arguably a bit of a raw deal, but there are really no indicators working in this show's favor; the critics hate it (certainly compared to the other comedies in NBC's first 2.5 hours), the premiere number was lukewarm, the week 2 drop was bad, and it's losing fairly substantially from its lead-in despite higher HUT and weaker CBS comedy competition at 8:30. It's not clear at this early juncture whether NBC will continue with the three-hour "Comedy Night Done Right All Night," but either way, it looks quite unlikely Perfect Couples will be a part of it. I'm saying one and done.

SYSTEM (explanation)

WEEK ONE (tiers worth 4, 2, 0 points)
Bob's Burgers 4.5
$#*! My Dad Says 4.0
Hawaii Five-0 3.9
Mike & Molly 3.9
The Event 3.6
Outsourced 3.6
No Ordinary Family 3.2
Law & Order: Los Angeles 3.2

Hellcats (3.2)
Raising Hope 3.1
The Defenders 2.9
Blue Bloods (2.8)
Nikita (2.7)
The Cape 2.6 
Better with You 2.5 
Running Wilde 2.4
Off the Map 2.3

Chase 2.3
Outlaw 2.3
Detroit 1-8-7 2.3
Harry's Law 2.2 
Undercovers 2.1
Perfect Couples 2.1
My Generation 1.6
The Whole Truth 1.5
Lone Star 1.3

Friday premieres = 1.25 * A18-49
CW premieres = 1.5 * W18-34

WEEK TWO (tiers worth 2, 1, 0 points)
Raising Hope even
Harry's Law -5% 
Mike & Molly -5%
Hawaii Five-0 -8%
Chase -9%
Detroit 1-8-7 -9%
Off the Map -9%
Blue Bloods-9%

Better with You -12%
The Defenders -14%
No Ordinary Family -16%
Nikita -17%
$#*! My Dad Says -18%
Hellcats -19%
Perfect Couples -19%
The Event -19%
The Whole Truth -20%

Running Wilde -21%
Outsourced -22%
Lone Star -23%
Undercovers -24%
Law & Order: Los Angeles -25%
The Cape -31% 
My Generation -31%
Bob's Burgers -44%
Outlaw -52%

EXCELLENT (5-6 points): Hawaii Five-0, Mike & Molly (6 points), The Event, $#*! My Dad Says, No Ordinary Family (5 points)
BORDERLINE (3-4 points): Law & Order: Los Angeles, Outsourced, Raising Hope, Blue Bloods, Bob's Burgers, Off the Map (4 points), The Defenders, Nikita, Hellcats, Better with You (3 points)
IN TROUBLE (0-2 points): Detroit 1-8-7, Chase, The Cape, Running Wilde, Harry's Law (2 points), The Whole Truth, Perfect Couples (1 point), Outlaw, Undercovers, My Generation, Lone Star (0 points)


Igwell said...

I think the new NBC regime would want to go back to traditional Thursdays, and then start up a comedy block on Monday or Wednesday since they don't seem to be hurt by Idol or CBS multi-cams.

Spot said...

I actually thought they would do that this midseason with Perfect and Friends with Benefits, since they didn't seem to fit the Thursday lineup but sounded similar to each other. Guess it depends on development. If their favorite pilots seem to go well with the Thurs shows, they may just stick with the 3-hour plan.

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