Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Two Weeks, Trauma

Trauma (NBC)
Sampling: A not-good 2.2 demo. That could conceivably survive on NBC but this is a show that reeks of expense, with explosions and helicopters abounding in the pilot. The net was certainly hoping for much better.
Retention: Also not good, with a major 18% drop below the 2.0 threshold.
Prognosis: This show is, even by NBC standards, looking very unlikely to get an extension. Combine its bad start with its bad retention with its seemingly high price tag and this one's probably behind even Mercy on the NBC food chain.


The Vampire Diaries (6.3)
The Cleveland Show 4.9
NCIS: LA 4.4
Cougar Town 4.4
Modern Family 4.2

Flashforward 4.0
Melrose Place (3.9)
Community 3.8
Glee 3.5
Accidentally on Purpose 3.3
The Good Wife 3.1

Eastwick 3.0
The Forgotten 2.6
Mercy 2.3
Trauma 2.2
The Beautiful Life: TBL (1.8)
Brothers 1.0

The Good Wife +3%
Accidentally on Purpose -6%
Flashforward -8%
Glee -9%

Mercy -9%
Modern Family -10%
The Cleveland Show -14%
Cougar Town -14%
The Vampire Diaries -16%
Trauma -18%

The Beautiful Life: TBL -18%
Brothers - 20%
Eastwick -23%
The Forgotten -23%
Community -29%
Melrose Place -31%

EXCELLENT (6 points) - NCIS: Los Angeles
GOOD ENOUGH (5 points) - Flashforward, Modern Family, The Vampire Diaries, Cougar Town, Accidentally on Purpose, Glee, The Cleveland Show, The Good Wife
BORDERLINE (4 points)
IN TROUBLE (2-3 points) - Community, Melrose Place, Mercy, Trauma (3 points), The Forgotten, Eastwick, Brothers, TBL:TBL (2 points)

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