Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Two Weeks, Friday

Brothers (Fox)
Sampling: Yikes. A 1.0 demo. Yes, it's a Friday, but that's pretty awful.
Retention: Yikes. It's a 20% drop to a 0.8.
Prognosis: Yikes. This could get axed any second now. However, Fox has a lot of virtually-free episodes of 'Til Death to burn through, so maybe it just sticks around as long as it has filmed episodes. Either way, I don't see any form of renewal.

And now we'll revisit the scoring system I invented yesterday. Three points if you're in the best third of new shows, 2 in the average third, 1 in the bottom third.

The Vampire Diaries (6.3)
NCIS: LA 4.4
Cougar Town 4.4
Modern Family 4.2
Flashforward 4.0

Melrose Place (3.9)
Community 3.8
Glee 3.5
Accidentally on Purpose 3.3
The Good Wife 3.1

Eastwick 3.0
The Forgotten 2.6
Mercy 2.3
The Beautiful Life: TBL (1.8)
Brothers 1.0

The Good Wife +3%
Accidentally on Purpose -6%
Flashforward -8%
Glee -9%

Mercy -9%
Modern Family -10%
Cougar Town -14%
The Vampire Diaries -16%
The Beautiful Life: TBL -18%

Brothers - 20%
Eastwick -23%
The Forgotten -23%
Community -29%
Melrose Place -31%

EXCELLENT (6 points) - NCIS: Los Angeles, Flashforward
GOOD ENOUGH (5 points) - Modern Family, The Vampire Diaries, Cougar Town, Accidentally on Purpose, Glee, The Good Wife
BORDERLINE (4 points)
IN TROUBLE (2-3 points) - Community, Melrose Place, Mercy, TBL:TBL (3 points), The Forgotten, Eastwick, Brothers (2 points)

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