Thursday, April 30, 2009

May Sweeps 2009 Week One Analysis by network

These sorted lists will only include individual shows, not show vs. show situations in the same timeslot.

20/20 (10-11pm) +47%
Dancing with the Stars (Mon.) -4%
According to Jim (8-8:30pm) -18%
Brothers & Sisters -18%
Desperate Housewives -20%
Dancing with the Stars (Tues.) -20%
(Wed. Lost vs. year-ago Thurs. Lost) -23%
Grey's Anatomy -23%
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (8-9pm) -31%
(Fri. Wife Swap vs. year-ago Wed. Wife Swap) -41%

NCIS +17%
BBT +10%
2.5 Men +2%
60 Minutes even
Criminal Minds even
CSI: NY even
Rules -3%
Ghost Whisperer -4%
Numb3rs -14%
CSI: Miami -15%
Survivor -19%
CSI -21%
Cold Case: -22%
(Tues. Without a Trace vs. year-ago Thurs. WAT) -24%

American Idol (Wed.) -8%
American Idol (Tues.) -10%
American Dad: -17%
Simpsons: -19%
Family Guy: -21%
(House 8pm vs. year-ago House 9pm) -21%
American Dad: -26%
(Thurs. Bones vs. year-ago Mon. Bones) -28%
(Thurs. Hell's Kitchen vs. year-ago Tues. Hell's Kitchen) -44%

30 Rock +11%
Office -5%
Law & Order: SVU -5%
Earl -8%
Law & Order -27%
Medium -29%
Dateline (2 hrs., Fri.) -32%
Dateline (7-8pm, Sun.): -38%

Supernatural +10%
One Tree Hill -8%
America's Next Top Model -10%
Smallville -13%
Gossip Girl -23%
(8pm Reaper vs. year-ago 9pm Reaper) -36%

I'm not a CBS-aholic, but they're the winner on a year-to-year basis, with Tuesdays improving and Mondays and Wednesdays looking pretty good, which is a lot more than almost anyone else can say. Idol is down by only single digits year-to-year, but a lot of Fox's scripted tentpoles are struggling. NBC is pretty steady on Tuesday and Thursday (we won't get much of a picture year-to-year on Biggest Loser using this method since it was done by May sweeps last year), but time period filler Dateline has become a disaster this year, and midseason saviors L&O and Medium are both sputtering. ABC is in pretty awful shape year-to-year on almost every night except for Friday and the first half of Monday. The CW's biggest problems are sophomores GG and Reaper.

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