Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday 4/23/09

Hi. Some day this may become Yet Another PIFeedback TV Blog, but for now I'm just archiving my PIFeedback posts tracking timeslots year-to-year during May Sweeps 2009. Only original vs. original comparisons are included with a few rare exceptions. For now, these are just fast national vs. fast national comparisons, but I hope to get around to updating them for finals at some point. Still, they're gonna usually be pretty close, since most shows that overran in 2008 also overrun in 2009.

Survivor -17%
CSI -22%
Grey's -22%
Earl -4%
Office -5%
30 Rock +11%
Smallville -7%
Supernatural +10%

Harper's Island vs. year-ago Without a Trace -39%
Private Practice vs. year-ago Lost -29%
Parks & Rec vs year-ago Scrubs -4%
Southland vs. year-ago ER -14%
Bones vs. year-ago 8:00 5th Grader +5%
Hell's Kitchen vs. year-ago 9:00 5th Grader +20%

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