Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's my 2nd annual fall preview!

Long time no blog! NOT.

I'm back already with the second year of the project previously known as 19 Timeslots but now known as 22 Hours of Primetime (or 22 Hours for short), in which I look at the recent history of each hour of primetime TV as a preview of the fall season. I got a little burnt out on The War of 18-49, and TVByTheNumbers has started their own, similar version of this project which will be seen by hundreds of times as many people, but after some consideration I decided to go ahead and do it again this year. My posts have more of a historical bent, all of the ratings digging/averaging I would do is already done, the majority of the prose is already written (imported from the 2009 edition), it's cool to have yearly traditions, and I don't particularly feel like going dark for the last three weeks of summer when there isn't much TV on. Also, it fits brilliantly between now and the regular season, and I'll be able to say I did a blog post of substance on every day from July 5 through the eve of premiere week on September 19!

The intro to the 2009 version still serves as a reasonable enough description of how this will go down, including the inspiration behind the idea and why the grammar can get spotty. 

These are the additions/changes for 2010:

  • Saturdays: I'm adding in a post for each of the three Saturday hours. They will be really short, but this year I have the averages for the few originals on this night, so I may as well go ahead and do them. Also, since there are 22 hours/week in primetime, it seems kinda awkward to label this with the number 19. May as well do it all. (I could also just find another title that doesn't have a number, but I always like doing it the hard way!)
  • The CW demo: Since I've done several women 18-34-related posts around here, and since I have the data this year, I'm gonna look at The CDub's shows with their target demo.
  • Predictions: I'm going to predict the season-long original average and the season premiere demo for most shows on the fall sked. This idea really has the potential to embarrass me, but whatever. I like to say I find Nielsens as interesting as sports statistics, and a big part of sports is making dumb predictions, so why not?!
    • On returning shows, I will also note what my predictions would represent as far as a year-to-year percentage change. I do this because a lot of times I started by estimating a percentage drop and then calculated a number that fit that.
    • Unless otherwise denoted, these are season-long predictions, not just fall predictions. Part of the reason I'm also predicting premieres for most shows is just so I'll be able to give myself some level of accountability between now and the end of May! 
  • What I'm watching: I'm listing what I'm watching in each timeslot. This also has the potential to embarrass me, for different reasons.
    • War of 18-49 links: In a Wikipedia-esque development, a lot of the veteran shows I mention will include links to their corresponding War of 18-49 post from earlier this summer, and that will apply to most/all posts on the blarg from here on out. I like those posts and I'd like people to keep visiting them!
    We kick off in an hour with Sunday, 7/6c. And once again, as with The War of 18-49, a big thanks to TV-aholic for the icons that'll be atop each post.

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