Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Two Weeks, Miami Medical

Got to looking at this blog today in anticipation of today's Romantically Challenged post (and maybe some other stuff...!) and realized I never did a Miami Medical post. So let me be the last to inform you that this show is dead.

Miami Medical (CBS)

Sampling: Miami Medical airs on Fridays, so the sampling numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, but the show started with a 1.6 demo. Yes, it's the lowest drama debut on the big 4 this season, but that's largely because it's the first Friday drama debut this season. The number isn't that great even by Friday standards, but it did improve on CBS' other originals that night.

Retention: In week 2, there was a 13% drop to a 1.4 demo. Pretty average dropoff, but at that 1.4 level you have a pretty weak show by CBS Friday standards.

Prognosis: I forgot to do this post after week 2, so I'm a little biased because I know that the show has continued to drop. But that said, premiering this on a Friday should let you know what CBS thought about it. Don't let the promotion fool you. There are better places to make a good faith effort at getting this to work. The premiere didn't kill it, the week 2 drop didn't necessarily kill it, but there's a good chance that it was already dead unless it did something surprisingly positive. It did nothing surprisingly positive the first two weeks and it's gotten even more grim since. This is one and done.

The Vampire Diaries 6.3*
V 5.2
The Cleveland Show 4.9
NCIS: LA 4.4
Cougar Town 4.4
Modern Family 4.2
Flashforward 4.0
Melrose Place 3.9*
Community 3.8

Life Unexpected 3.6*
Glee 3.5
Accidentally on Purpose 3.3
The Good Wife 3.1
Parenthood 3.1
Eastwick 3.0
Human Target 2.9
Past Life 2.8
The Middle 2.6

The Forgotten 2.6
Mercy 2.3
Trauma 2.2
Hank 2.1
Sons of Tucson 2.1
Three Rivers 1.9
The Deep End 1.8
The Beautiful Life: TBL 1.8*
Miami Medical 1.6
Brothers 1.0

*-Although A18-49 isn't necessarily the "CW demo," in an attempt to put them on a level playing field with the big 4, I've taken the A18-49 premiere number for the CW shows and multiplied it by 3.

The Good Wife +3%
The Deep End even
Accidentally on Purpose -6%
Flashforward -8%
Glee -9%
Mercy -9%
Modern Family -10%
The Cleveland Show -10%

Sons of Tucson -10%
Three Rivers -11%
Miami Medical -13%
Cougar Town -14%
The Vampire Diaries -16%
Parenthood -16%
Human Target -17%
The Beautiful Life: TBL -18%
The Middle -19%

Brothers - 20%
Trauma -23%
Eastwick -23%
The Forgotten -23%
Life Unexpected -24%
Hank -24%
V -27%
Community -29%
Melrose Place -31%
Past Life -50%

EXCELLENT (6 points) - NCIS: Los Angeles, Flashforward, Modern Family, The Cleveland Show
GOOD ENOUGH (5 points) - The Vampire Diaries, Cougar Town, Accidentally on Purpose, Glee, The Good Wife
BORDERLINE (4 points) - V, Mercy, The Deep End, Melrose Place, Human Target, Parenthood, Community, The Middle
IN TROUBLE (2-3 points) - TBL:TBL, Eastwick, Three Rivers, Life Unexpected, Past Life, Sons of Tucson, Miami Medical (3 points), The Forgotten, Trauma, Brothers, Hank (2 points)

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