Friday, April 30, 2010

Demos Year to Year, Thursday 4/29/10

Just in case this is your first one of these, this is where I compare every timeslot on broadcast to how it did on the corresponding evening one year ago in A18-49. In this case, it's 4/23/09, the beginning of May Sweeps last year. You can click on the "daily ratings" label below to see these comparisons dating back to when I began doing them for the last May sweeps. You can get the raw numbers elsewhere; this is just another way of looking at things beyond the week-to-week fluctuations.

Since there's a high volume of useful comparisons this time compared to the Olympics/repeats-filled February comparisons, I hope to get back into the weekly recaps. Also, since this is the first time I'll have comparisons from last year at this time, I might be able to get into some multi-year analysis. We'll see about that.

(Flashforward vs. Grey's Anatomy (R)) +7%
Grey's Anatomy -24%
Private Practice -12%

How big of a disaster is Flashforward? It beat last year's Grey's repeat by one tick! And Grey's is not exactly a show known for repeating well.

Survivor +17%
CSI -19%
(The Mentalist vs. Harper's Island) +68%

(Community vs. My Name is Earl) -14%
Parks and Recreation -17%
The Office -5%
30 Rock -13%
(The Marriage Ref vs. Southland) -21%

Bones +13%
(Fringe vs. Hell's Kitchen) -33%

(The Vampire Diaries vs. Smallville) +23%
Supernatural even

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