Monday, March 1, 2010

Demos Year to Year, Monday 2/22/10

(The Bachelor: Women Tell All vs. Dancing with the Stars) -22%
(Castle (R) vs. Castle) -48%

(How I Met Your Mother (R) vs. HIMYM) -24%
(Accidentally on Purpose (R) vs. HIMYM (R)) -27%
2.5 Men (R) -8%
(Big Bang Theory (R) vs. Rules of Engagement) -3%
(CSI: Miami (R) vs. CSI: Miami) -45%

House (R) -19%
24 -18%

(One Tree Hill vs. Gossip Girl) even
(Life Unexpected vs. One Tree Hill) -25%
One Tree Hill (8pm vs. 9pm) -8%

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