Monday, March 8, 2010

Demos Year to Year, 2/28/10 thru 3/3/10

Fell behind again, but this should get us through this month of useless comparisons. These posts will return in May and, suffice to say, be considerably more useful! I'm putting 'em all in one post so that Twitterfeed won't fail to show all but the first.

SUNDAY 2/28/10

America's Funniest Home Videos -4%
(Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (R) vs. EM:HE 8-9pm) -38%
(Desperate Housewives vs. EM:HE 9-10pm) -8%
(Brothers & Sisters vs. Desperate Housewives (R)) +25%

All of CBS primetime in the 2009 comparisons started 18 minutes late due to the NCAA bball tourney.
60 Minutes -53%
The Amazing Race -14%
(Undercover Boss vs. Cold Case) +96%
(Cold Case vs. The Unit) even
Cold Case (10pm vs. 9pm) -8%

(American Dad (R) vs. 'Til Death 7pm) -9%
(King of the Hill (R) vs. 'Til Death 7:30pm) -14%
(The Simpsons (R) vs. The Simpsons) -26%
(The Cleveland Show (R) vs. The Simpsons (R)) -28%
(Family Guy (R) vs. Family Guy) -33%
(American Dad (R) vs. American Dad) -27%

MONDAY 3/1/10

(The Bachelor vs. Dancing with the Stars) +8%
(The Bachelor: After the Final Rose vs. Castle) +121%

(How I Met Your Mother vs. Big Bang Theory) +3%
(Rules of Engagement vs. HIMYM) -13%
2.5 Men +10%
(The Big Bang Theory vs. Rules of Engagement) +44%
CSI: Miami -13%
HIMYM (8pm vs. 8:30pm) even
Rules of Engagement (8:30pm vs. 9:30pm) -17%
The Big Bang Theory (9:30pm vs. 8pm) +55%

Chuck +14%
(L&O 9-11pm vs. Heroes/Medium) -29%

(House (R) vs. House) -56%
24 -32%

(Life Unexpected (R) vs. Gossip Girl) -62%
(Life Unexpected vs. One Tree Hill) -38%

TUESDAY 3/2/10

(Lost (R) vs. Better Off Ted (R)) +78%
(Lost vs. DWTS: Results) +32%
(20/20 vs. Cupid) -26%

NCIS +14%
(NCIS:LA vs. The Mentalist) -18%
(The Good Wife vs. Without a Trace) -4%

The Biggest Loser -9%
(Parenthood vs. Law & Order: SVU) -9%

American Idol (8-10pm vs. 8-9pm) -3%

(90210 (R) vs. Reaper) -70%
(Melrose Place (R) vs. 90210) -82%


(Modern Family (R) vs. Scrubs) -11%
(The Middle vs. Better Off Ted) +11%
(Modern Family vs. Lost 9-9:30pm) -21%
(Cougar Town vs. Lost 9:30-10pm) -46%
(Oprah Oscar Special vs. Life on Mars) -35%

(Old Christine/Gary Unmarried vs. I Get That a Lot) -50%
(Criminal Minds vs. Criminal Minds (R)) +48%
(CSI:NY vs. CSI:NY (R)) +36%

(Mercy vs. Law & Order: CI (R)) +33%
(Law & Order: SVU 9-11pm vs. Life/Law & Order) +68%

(Life Unexpected (R) vs. America's Next Top Model) -78%
(Gossip Girl (R) vs. 90210 (R)) -60%

Upcoming on the blarg: definitely a look at Parenthood's first two weeks, and if I'm feeling super ambitious I may look back through all my Feb sweeps posts and try to glean a few lessons out of this madness. No inspiration for one of my in-depth TV ratings studies of late, but that could strike at any time!

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