Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Couple Mobile Version Updates

Thanks for all the mobile version feedback. Here are a couple quick fixes:

First, the mobile version should only be appearing on phones now. I found something that was better at checking for mobile than simply the screen width, so we should avoid getting the blown-up mobile version on small desktop windows and tablets now. Please let me know if you have either 1) a phone that doesn't get the mobile version; or 2) a non-phone that does get the mobile version.

Second, if you are on a phone, you should be able to get to the desktop version via a link just under the logo that says "Go to desktop version." Right now this links to the home page but I will probably update it at some point so that it goes to the desktop version of the page you are currently on. You can also just bookmark http://www.spottedratings.com?desktop to start on the desktop version. In theory, the links on this version will keep you on the desktop version, but there are a few that are still throwing back to mobile. Let me know if this creates any problems.

UPDATE: The "Go to desktop version" link should now take you to the page you're currently on.

The major outstanding issue is the "blur" that is created, especially when leaving a comment. I have a general sense of why this is happening but am still not sure what to do about it, so it may not be fixed in the immediate future. All I can say is that if you do a slight zoom out, you can at least see the whole window that you're typing the comment in. And at least for the ones I'm getting, you can then refresh to remove the blur. I know this is inconvenient, but if it's truly a deal-breaker at least you can now stick with the desktop version.


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